No artist was more unique, more influential than
David Bowie. From radio hits to deep album cuts,
Rebel Rebel approaches Bowie’s illustrious
catalog with loving research and fearless
For these seven enthusiasts, musical mastery
and electrifying performance are just the
beginning. Through bespoke custom-made
costumes, special events, and ongoing
collaborations with visual and performing artists,
Rebel Rebel embodies the spirit of curiosity and
reinvention, as well as a deep commitment to
conceptual ideals– paying tribute not only to the
music of David Bowie, but to the artist himself.

R E B E L   R E B E L   I S

May Oskan – Lead Vocals

Desmonde Mulcahy – Bass

Kevin Ian Common – Guitar

Jon Moldover – Guitar

Rob Jacobs – Drums

Brendan Getzell – Keyboards

PJ Bottoms – Saxophone

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